Fighting the urge

I hate being clingy. It disgusts me. I fight the temptations of texting that person every second if they don’t text back. Maybe it’s because i’m use to texting back to back..i’m not sure. Some times you just can’t help yourself and you just want to hit them up. You’re just showing that person that you like them and you really want to get to know them better. It’s aggravating when ya’ll text back to back and the next thing you know it’s like hrs before you hear from them. So you sit there wondering like “damn, tf just happened? Why aren’t you hitting me up”? You start to beat yourself up, thinking to yourself what did you do for them not to text back. I know it sucks, doesn’t it?!! Not a great feeling. I just think our mind plays tricks..especially if you’re the type of person that thinks entirely too much (myself). It can definitely make you ponder and think of all the negative things. I definitely struggle with that. You just gotta learn to not stress it so much and relax. Better said then done..

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Posted: Fri December 30th, 2011 at 2:25am
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